Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

Has a doctor ever informed you that you have a heart condition or recommended only medically supervised physical activity?(Required)
Do you/have you ever suffered with chest pain brought on by physical activity?(Required)
Have you developed any chest pain during the last four weeks?(Required)
Have you ever lost consciousness or sustained a fall as a result of dizziness?(Required)
Do you suffer with a low back or joint condition that could be aggravated by physical activity?(Required)
Has your GP ever prescribed medication for a blood pressure condition or for a heart condition?(Required)
Has your GP ever recommended that you do not participate in any form of exercise without medical supervision?(Required)

In the event of an emergency please contact

Terms & Conditions(Required)
I accept that my body’s reaction to exercise is not totally predictable. Should I develop a condition that affects my ability to exercise, I will inform my Nordic Walking instructor immediately. I take full responsibility for monitoring my own physical condition at all times.
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