“I had been struggling for several months with a very painful shoulder.  This was causing me to have a very uncomfortable sleep every night.  I decided to visit Suzanne after receiving one of her leaflets and I am so glad that I did.
Suzanne diagnosed the problem immediately and after only 3 treatments with her, my shoulder is now fully recovered.
This lady is extremely knowledgeable in human anatomy and her professionalism is outstanding.  The Practice is a delight to visit and the moment you walk in the door you are made to feel comfortable by Suzanne.
If you need to visit an osteopath, make sure you visit Suzanne Stanley-Smith as you will certainly not regret it.”

“Having suffered a serious back & pelvis injury whilst playing collegiate tennis in the USA, I had tried just about every type of treatment on the market for 4 years, but to no avail.  At that point, I was unable to play tennis, let alone go to the gym.  I was recommended to see Suzanne by a colleague, and I haven’t look back since. Suzanne was very accommodating and made a great effort to see me within days of initially speaking to her.  After 3 treatments I had a new lease of life and the pain and lack of movement had altogether vanished!  Her knowledge and attention to detail is superb.  I am now back playing tennis full time and just wish that I had known her in the first place!
I can’t recommend Suzanne enough.  Don’t suffer any longer!!”
ADAM  Tennis Professional  

“Suzanne, in addition to being a most interesting conversationalist, is quite simply a magician.  My GP had prepared me for a 6 month plus recovery period for a severe tennis elbow; in sharp contrast to Suzanne, who cured it, in 6 sessions”
IAN MERRIMAN  Oxfordshire

“In short, a miracle worker”
ELEANOR  Kenilworth 

“After two years of seeing all manner of health professionals, I finally have a diagnosis and a clear treatment plan.  I am well on the way to recovery.  The end is in sight.  I would not be here without Suzanne’s knowledge and expertise.  Not only did she diagnose my condition within minutes of meeting me, but she has maintained its improvement ever since.  I cannot recommend her highly enough”

“For more than a dozen years my wife Pat and I made monthly pilgrimages to London to consult a nationally renowned osteopath.  It often involved a ten hour round trip.  But no matter.  It was worth it.  He was the best.
Perchance a doctor friend recently recommended Suzanne Stanley-Smith, in Warwick just 20 minutes from our home.  Previous experience with others made us wary, but we made appointments.  Fast forward four months.  We’re glad we found Suzanne – and so are other members of our family and friends who have also benefited from her caring, dedicated expertise.  My wife went with a back problem, mentioned in passing that she had suffered from tinnitus for 15 years and how it made life miserable at times.  Suzanne went to work with her technique…..and within a few weeks Pat’s condition has improved tremendously.
We no longer have to travel to London.  We get the best in Warwick”
BARRIE TRACEY  Stratford upon Avon

“I just wanted to write to thank you for doing so much to help me in such a short time. I do think you’re a marvel and the way you got my shoulders to move was nothing short of a miracle! Thank you for pointing out where I was going wrong with that triceps exercise and for sorting out my tennis elbow.  You really are Wonder Woman!
H.C. Leamington Spa 

“I wanted to thank you for your BRILLIANCE!!! I think you’re amazing and I’m so grateful that you look after me! I am doing the exercises and feeling great.  There was virtually no discomfort after your treatment”.
HUMPHREY  Tetbury 

“Having struggled for 4 years with regular muscle tears, (calf, hamstring and achilles problems), I had all but given up on sport.  Suzanne has been brilliant, not only in diagnosing the problems, but also in dealing with the historic scar tissue.  Suzanne is very professional and extremely knowledgeable.  I have no hesitation in strongly recommending her with regard to any sports related injury”.
PHIL  Warwick

“As a therapist I consider it important to look after myself.  Over the years I have had many treatments from many different therapists.  Having just completed a course of treatment with Suzanne, I have to say she is probably the best I have come across.  Conscientious, professional and very talented.  I can’t recommend her highly enough”
PAUL  Leamington Spa

“Having suffered with a bad back and sciatica for many years I decided to visit an osteopath in order to seek relief from the associated pain.  I was living in Stratford upon Avon at the time and looked online for a suitable practitioner within the local area.  I subsequently made an appointment with Suzanne Stanley-Smith and was extremely taken, not only with her professionalism in dealing with me, but also her attention to detail in her delightfully well presented rooms. Suzanne immediately identified the causes of my pain, and within 3 sessions had given me complete relief.  I then decided to visit her practice on a 3 to 4 month basis for maintenance treatment.  During that time she had my back and associated symptoms totally under control. I recently relocated to Cornwall and during the move put my back out once again.  Suzanne obligingly agreed to see me for 2 appointments either side of a weekend.  Suzanne gave me 2 double sessions and with a combination of her skill and sharp elbow had me back to normal in no time!  I had not visited her new practice in Warwick but was not the least bit surprised upon entering to be greeted by Suzanne’s radiant smile and facilities that would shame many a Harley Street establishment.
RODERICK  Cornwall 

“I first heard of Suzanne from a leaflet of hers that one of my colleagues had pinned to our office notice board.  Underneath it, someone had written “this woman is brilliant!”.  I went to see her with a very painful low back and neck.  Who ever wrote that was right, SHE IS!!
BAL  Leamington Spa

“Thank goodness to have finally found somebody who could sort out my painful shoulder!  Thank you so much for all you have done to help me.  What a relief to be free from pain after so many months of suffering.  Not only has your treatment been so successful, but it has been a joy to visit you at your lovely practice.  Thank you again Suzanne”
BRENDA  Warwick

“Suzanne has treated me for many years, starting with an excruciating injury which left me unable to move my right leg.  Her treatment is always professional and intuitive.  I can honestly say she is a superb osteopath.  Keep up the good work Suzanne!”
ALICE  Cheltenham 

“Suzanne has treated my lower back and neck.  She has gently but effectively alleviated chronic pain in very few consultations.  I would recommend her to anyone”
CLAUDETTE  Leamington Spa